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A ginger with Soul

Raised in the western Chicago suburbs, Jeffery Austin fell in love with music from a young age. With a house constantly playing the soulful music of Motown, James Taylor and the like, its no wonder Jeffery's signature sound is a haunting tone that emotes every lyric.

Following his time on national television, Jeffery Austin has toured the country and written with some of the most talented writers in the music industry. His original music has millions of streams across top music platforms, and has been featured on top media outlets such as,, Yahoo! Music, and more.

An openly gay artist, Jeffery Austin is committed to sharing his story with authenticity throughout his music, performances and artistry. 

Praise For Jeffery Austin


He’s got pipes and introspection to boot. Longing and desire are futile, but so infectious.


The ballad shows Austin turning to a more pop-friendly sound. Think of it as a less-desperate companion to Sam Smith's "Stay With Me."

- Billboard


“Bulletproof,” is unexpectedly effervescent...its uptempo chorus gives off an ‘80s vibe a la Bleachers or Carly Rae Jepsen, and the song showcases entirely new facets of the crooner’s vocals.

-Yahoo Music