Living in LA, it was only a matter of time before I turned to plastic surgery. And since I can't deal with the ever-present forehead wrinkle I poke at every day in the mirror, I figured my website should be the first overhaul to take place. 

My last website served its purpose.....kinda. I was in the middle of filming The Voice and wanted something quick that could serve as a home-base to find touring, merch, and a couple of admittedly pixelated photos. As I've grown as an artist, I've been able to channel more personality into my work - whether its working on 'The Day After' at Yahoo! Music, or finally coming out with music that represents the artist I want to be. With the music finally getting to a place that I want it to be, I thought it necessary that my marketing efforts grow with it. 

Knowing that my mom is reading this - Yes, I am glad I went to college and worked in the corporate world for a period of time. As much as I resented my desk job at the time, the skills I've learned from marketing and design classes in college, and my subsequent career working on integrated marketing campaigns has PROBABLY come in handy. So Mom, money well-spent. Tell all your friends. 

I want this newly updated space to be somewhere you can get to know me better. I will be posting monthly blogs (pending schedule - don't kill me) to keep you updated on the BTS of my music, as well as stuff going on outside of my career - i.e. a shitload of pics of my dog, Jackson Mississippi McClelland. 


I'll also be keeping you updated on what I'm listening to every month. You'll find my 'Monthly Bops' Spotify playlist in every post so you know what my roommate, neighbors, the city of West Hollywood etc. hear me screaming every time I'm in the shower. 

I've got a lot of exciting work coming out for you guys, and I can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned and keep listening so my mom doesn't make me get a desk job again. 


Jeffery McClelland